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Is an independent audiovisual production company.
This means that radio-, television- and film projects for both commercial and non-profit institutions (like the government) and for broadcasting license-holders can be produced without specific, sometimes in many aspects limiting rules and regulations like facilitary demands, for instance.
Furthermore this independent position guarantees a correct and creative interpretation on each individual project. After all, every production has its unique character on which script writer, director, executive production team and applied techniques are selected. For the client, this offers an optimal creative interpretation and justifiable financial concept.
This principle, pursued nowadays by ever more colleagues and even internal broadcasting production companies constitues the foundation of our company. The working format, thanks to a controllable infrastructure and overhead, has lead to both national and international acknowledgment.
Development of program proposals, editorial consultancy, the actual producing and directing for radio, television and film: The fundaments under ERIK W. HUIZINGA RTV- & FILMPRODUKTIES.
Erik W. Huizinga (1956)
Passionate producer and director, founder of RTV- & Filmprodukties. No-nonsens communicator, creative draftsman and strategist. Autodidact lighting cameraman of some distinction. Documentary designer.
Our clients
•     Aerowisata chain of hotels-Jakarta Indonesia
•     Alfa Romeo
•     ANWB
•     Bart Smit international chain of toyshopsBols Wessanen
•     CANON Europe
•     COBERCO-groep
•     EUROMASTER-Europe
•     EURETCO-group Breda
•     Garuda Indonesia-Jakarta Indonesia
•     Municipality Amstelveen - Social and Welfare Service CWI
•     Municipality Deventer - Department Sports & Recreation
•     Glaxo Smith Kline
•     Henkel Nederland
•     Hogeschool Holland
•     IBAS Soesterberg
•     KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
•     Ministry of Defence: KLU Royal Airforce
•     KPN/Kwantum/Medvisie
•     Ministry of Justice: Police Force Haaglanden
•     Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment
•     P & O Spice Island Cruises-Denpasar Indonesia
•     Prinses Beatrix Fonds (SOCUTERA)
•     Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (Postbus 51)
•     Sahid Jaya Group of Hotels-Jakarta Indonesia
•     Foundation Brekend Vaatwerk-Arachne
•     Foundation Propaganda Vegetables & Fruits
•     Foundation Responsible Use of Alcohol (STIVA)
•     Foundation Home Care Twenthe
•     Theeuwes-group of grain traders
•     UNILEVER FBE UNITRAVEL international touroperators
•     Van den Oever Architects Amsterdam
•     SVD educationcentre for pharmacies
•     VBM Maastricht-Deventer
•     VSR de Keurslager
Advertising agencies: (commercials/direct response)

•     Adlanta
•     Advision, ARVH Marketing & Communicatie
•     Benjamens / van Doorn cs.
•     Comm'pany
•     Danko reclame & marketing
•     Datagold, Efcom Newton 21
•     Keldermans + van Lieshout,
•     KKBR / Prins
•     KKBR-Conquest
•     KKBR-Retail
•     Lenting & van Etten
•     NCG, NOW Communications
•     Passet & Van Wieringen
•     The Sales Machine-Euro RSCG
•     SELECT Advertising
•     Wessel & Zn.
•     XXS Communicatie
Broadcasting corporations
•     VOO: La Rose (2 episodes drama
•     TROS: De TV-Dokter (348 episodes medical information)
•     TROS / VOO / BRTN: Over m'n Lijf (16 episodes infotainment) | Allemaal geniaal!
      (heredity) | De Familie Keuzekamp (80 episodes drama-info)
•     WDR: Von Kopf bis Fuss (16 episodes infotainment)
•     SAT 1: Arnold macht's möglich! (3 amusement shows)
•     EURO 7: SIMAVI (5 talkshows) | Kanker en alternatieve genezing
      (talkshow) | Kinderen en geweld op TV (documentary) |  Maleisië/Sri Lanka
•     RVU: Stilzwijgend contract (documentary)
•     TV5 / Chinese State TV: China!/Sri Lanka!/Vietnam! (destination-documentaries)
In production
•     TROS: May you live long: VIVACE! (infotainment 50+)
•     TROS / WDR: Asia (6 destination documentaries)
•     NPS: The Neighbourhood (series of contemplations) | Humeuren en
      Temperamenten (13-part literary series by and with Gerrit Komrij) | Jazzable
      (13-part series on improvising music) + Nicolaas Wijnberg documentary (90 min.) of
      one of the last living legends of "modern art"
•     VPRO: Pater Dirk (documentary) | Rennes-le-Chateau (documentary 50 mins.)
•     VARA: ... met peren (satire)
•     AVRO: Basil! (documentary 50 mins.) + Pan European Literature
      Tournament + Soundtrack! (four documentaries on filmmusic and scores)
•     RVU: 100 years Social Work in the Netherlands (doc.) | The Royals... (13-part
      series on cie's with 'Royal' predicate) | 5 Documentaries on allochtone integration
      in the Netherlands
•     RTL5: Beer! (13-part series on beer!)
•     SBS6: Dropping
For the Polish and Hungarian State Television 200 medical informative 5 minute-programs are developed and directed. 


Several of the above mentioned productions were awarded with e.g. the SAM-Prize of the Netherlands, the Gold Camera Award of the US Industrial and Television Festival of Chicago, the Bronze Award of the Broadcast Designers Association of Los Angeles.
In 1997 RTV- & FILMPRODUKTIES gained the prestigious gold 'BRASS RING AWARD', Orlando, Florida, USA, for the development, production and direction on the Dolfinarium Harderwijk series of commercials! In 1999 RTV & Filmprodukties gained the Silver Ring Award for the Hellendoorn campaign.
Huizinga was nominated for the prestigious Emmy Award for his direction of NCRV's edutainment show Willem Wever.
As per October 1997 Columbia/Tristar started a worldwide distribution of documentaries on Asia, as produced and directed by RTV- & Filmprodukties.
French channel TV-5 broadcasted these films during the winter of 1997/98. Spain released these films in 1999 (Tele 5).
In addition to our daily activities, guest lectures are carried out at several reknown institutions like the Media Academy in Hilversum, the HEAO in Utrecht and the Catholic University Brabant, Tilburg.
For companies like Ballast-Nedam, the RABO-bank the Netherlands and RABO International, ANOVA Insurances, the VSB-fund, Price Waterhouse and DTZ-Zadelhoff several company 'theatre'-cabarets and revues were written, developed, produced and directed.
Contrary to many of our colleagues we do not have a show reel. The reasons for this are quite simple. In the first place such an impression of our work becomes out-dated too fast because of the intensity of new productions.
Second, a show reel hardly creates a true impression of efficient producing.
Moreover, you as a potential client will never see what you really want to see.
Our aim is to present ourselves personally and as we are:
down-to-earth, businesslike, inventive and creative, dedicated and involved.
By the way: RTV- & Filmprodukties is the proud owner of a completely refurnished state of the art but yet monumental television studio. Fully equipped. Cameras, dolly's, sound, light, monitors, you name it.